Forme Héroïque
Do you hear the gates of hell opening just for you?
Hell's Angel

Raw/Sprite en cours

She is the most powerful mage and the only one of the Quinque Draco with interest in the human world.
Role DPS
Arme principale Magic Wand
Arme secondaire Magic Orb
Attribut principal INT
Aptitude Effet Recharge
Normal Attack Increases INT per normal attack
(Active 1)
She handles the cold with ease, and what she has stored up can freeze her surroundings.

Inflicts 261% damage to all enemies and decreases ATK speed by 9 for 17 sec.

20.6 sec
(Active 2)
Fire is her closest friend as well as a manifestation of what she does best.

Inflicts 306% damage on all enemies.

24.3 sec
(Active 3)
Thunder Field
Her fleeting explosion of power leads to a shower of lightning bolts that cannot be denied.

Inflicts 219% damage on all enemies and stuns for 11 sec (36% chance).

32.4 sec
(Passive 1)
White Area
Her territory is one of attack and power.

Adds damage equal to 31% of base ATK.

(Passive 2)
Fire Protection
She is protected by fire energy reminiscent of her.

Increases DEF by 27%

Informations additionelles
  • She seems to be capable of either resurrecting people or being able to use a Revive Scroll, which she does on two separate occasions in the storyline to revive the main character.
  • She eventually reveals herself to be the true form of Belle Snow.
  • Brightspark accompanies the player for a few rounds the first time while going through the last stage of the Fortress in Normal Mode.

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